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This guide is mainly written for people who played the popular Warcraft 3 map Defence of the Ancients (DotA) for a while, got familiar with it and now made the transition to Heroes of Newerth (HoN). It will note most of the HoN items and heroes which have an equivalent in DotA, as well as new features of the game.

This guide is not meant for people who are completely new to both HoN and DotA.

DotA Helper Modification

One of the great features of Heroes of Newerth is the ability for users to create modifications to customize the game to their preference. The user Bangerz has created a very useful modification that changes all the hero and item icons to their DotA equivalent, as well as adding their DotA names beside their HoN names.

For a guide on how to install the DotA mod and to see screenshots of it in action, you can click here to visit the forums.

Starting out

Login Screen

The first thing you will see when you start the game is the login screen. Located along the top of the screen is the system bar (More information on that later)

In the bottom center of the screen is where you login.

Warchamp7 is bad

Save Username will remember your username each time you start the game.

Auto Auth will remember your password and automatically log you in when you start the game.

Invisible Mode will hide you from friends and clan mates.

Create Account will bring down the account creation panel if you have not already purchased a HoN account.

Lost Login Info? will bring down a panel for retrieving your username or password if you have forgotten.

Main Lobby

Once you login you will be taken to the main lobby.

At the top of the screen you have the system bar.

In the middle of the screen you have the menu.


System Bar

In the very middle of the system bar you have your username which you can click to open a drop down box for purchasing a sub account, resetting your stats or changing your nickname. Beside that you have the View Statistics button which will bring up your personal statistics. The final button at the right is the logout button.

On the right of the system bar, you have the Notifications list. Notifications will pop up whenever a friend or clan mate joins a game (With an option to join that game), when a friend or clan mate logs in or out and when someone adds you to their friends list (With an option to approve or ignore the request). All your notifications will be stored in the Notifications List.


  • Tutorial

Clicking this will load up the tutorial for learning the basics of HoN.

  • Matchmaking

This will open up a visual map of matchmaking servers for you to select. You will have to complete a few provisional games at first to receive your rating. Once you've completely those games, Matchmaking will place you with similarly rated individuals.

  • Public Games

This will open up the public game list. This is a list of games players have created. There are a multitude of options on the left of this list for filtering out games for your preferences. In the very bottom list is an icon key that will explain all the visual icons on the game list.

  • Create Game

This will bring down a panel for hosting your own game.

  • Player Ladder

This will open up a list where you can see how you match up to other players. On the left are a number of game statistics that you can choose to show or hide.

  • Match Stats

This is where you can view matches at a glance, as well as download a replay of them to view at a later date. When you click this button, it will bring up your most recent game.

  • Hero Compendium

This is a list where you can view detailed statistics of every hero in the game.

  • Options

Clicking this will open up the options screen.

Game Lobby

You can view a list of available games by clicking the Game List button. You can apply filters to the current view by selection options on the left hand side of this panel.

Most DotA players will immediately notice the Type and game options that are indicated by icons in the games list. HoN currently supports five gametypes which are well known from DotA:

  • Normal mode
  • Single Draft (SD)
  • Random Draft (RD)
  • Banning Draft (BD) (This is similar to Captains Draft in DotA)
  • Banning Pick (BP)

And the various game options:

  • All Heroes: Allows both Legion and Hellbourne to pick heroes from both factions.
  • Random Hero: Selects a random hero for all players (like the AR game mode).
  • Easy Mode: The EM gametype from dota - awarding extra money to players and weaker towers.
  • No Leavers: If this option is enabled, you can't join if your leaver percentage is too high.
  • Auto Balance Teams: Automatically shuffles all players in the game lobby when the game starts, to balance the chances of victory for both factions.

The game lobby works much the same as DotA. When you join a game, you can select a slot and switch teams as you like. The host can shuffle teams and lock players to a slot (Those players will not be shuffled).

Located in the center of the screen are some details about the game such as modes and your ping to the server. It is important to remember that all games of HoN are hosted on S2's servers, so the hosts connection will not affect other players.

Game Lobby.jpg

Clicking on the colored circle or the join button below it will place you in that slot. To the left of the circle are options to add the person as a friend, mute their voice chat or view their stats. The voice chat icon will turn green when they are talking. Clicking on it will change it to red to indicate you have muted them.

The Lock Slot and Kick Player options are only available to the host of the game.

Lobby Slot.jpg

PSR stands for Player Skill Rating. When you win or lose a game, you will gain or lose an amount PSR based on your teammates and opponents PSR. The Balance button in the middle of the Game Lobby can be clicked by the host to shuffle the players based on their PSR so that both teams are evenly matched.

Picking a hero is always done in the same way: The Legion players are aligned to the left, the Hellbourne to the right and in the middle is the grid with selectable heroes. The number of heroes you can select varies per game mode. If you hover your mouse over the heroes you will see a description of their stats and skills at the bottom of the screen.

Selecting a random hero is done by clicking the dice icon at the bottom of the hero screen, this will also give you 250 extra starting gold in normal mode (does NOT give extra gold in SD/RD/BD modes). Repicking and swapping can be done before clicking ready or timer expiration.

  • Repicking allows you to put your chosen hero back into the pool of available heroes and pick a new one. This is accomplished by clicking the tiny arrow beside your hero portrait, and costs 350 gold.
  • Swapping allows you to swap heroes with another player on your team. It is accomplished by clicking the arrow icon next to the hero portrait of who you want to swap with. If someone else has already offered to swap with you, their portrait will have gold arrows circling it, clicking on it will swap with them.)

In-Game Interface

Personal stats are indicated in the top left corner:


  • Hero portrait
  • Level
  • HP bar
  • Mana bar
  • Buffs and active effects

There is also a Share Courier button which will automatically give control of your courier to all your teammates.

Directly below this are small icons for each of your teammates.


Clicking the Share Control button once will change the icon to yellow and share control of your courier with them. Clicking it again will change the icon to green and will give full control of all your units to the player. Clicking one more time will return the icon to grey and remove control from them.

The Accept Help button works much like DotA. Clicking this button will prevent the person from assisting you with spells like Pebbles' Chuck (Tiny's Toss) or Andromeda's Void Rip (Vengeful Spirit's Nether Swap)

The ability indicator's give you quick at-a-glance information about that teammate's abilities. A grey circle means they do not have the ability leveled yet. If the icon is green, they are ready to cast that spell. If it is dark green, it is a passive skill. Orange means the spell is on cooldown and blue means they do not have enough mana for the spell. Finally, red means that they are disabled in some form and are unable to cast the spell.

Game statistics are displayed in the center top of the screen:


  • Stats of your hero on the left: Kills / Deaths / Assists
  • Your creep stats on the right: Kills / Denies
  • Elapsed game time in the center.
  • Kills of both factions (Legion / Hellbourne) on the bottom.

The scoreboard can be viewed in the top right corner of the screen.


There is a full size version as well as a smaller version that only displays the hero portrait and levels.

The HUD on the bottom of the screen is mostly the same as in DotA


  • The purple bar around the hero portrait indicates the experience progress on the current level.

When you level up, a small button will pop-up above each one of your skills (and a plus icon for stats on the left) and you click one of these. These buttons may toggled on and off by clicking the up arrow to the right of the hero level or by pressing 'L' key (by default).


Ported Heroes

HoN DotA Differences
Andromeda.jpg AndromedaInGameInGame.JPG Andromeda VengefulSpirit.gif Shendelzare Silkwood
the Vengeful Spirit
Skill 2 (Wave of Terror) - Is magic damage instead of Direct HP removal.
BloodHunter.jpg BloodHunterInGameInGame.JPG Blood Hunter Bloodseeker.gif Strygwyr
the Bloodseeker
Skill 1 (Bloodrage) - DoT damage is reduced with each level

Skill 2 (Blood Bath) - Now applies a debuff on the attacked unit for 1.5 sec. If the unit dies during this time, Blood Hunter will gain health
Skill 3 (Strygwyr's Thirst) - Reveals invisible units
Skill 4 (Rupture) - Goes through magic immunity

Chronos.jpg ChronosInGameInGame.JPG Chronos FacelessVoid.gif Darkterror
the Faceless Void
Skill 1 (Time Walk) - Deals AoE damage

Skill 2 (Backtrack) - Heals damage very quickly over time instead of instantly
Skill 3 (Time Lock) - Steals agility and bashes every 8/7/6/5 attack

CorruptedDisciple.jpg CorruptedDiscipleInGameInGame.JPG Corrupted Disciple Razor.gif Razor
the Lightning Revenant
Skill 2 (Static Link) - Gives vision of linked unit. Cannot be cast as a hook.
FlintBeastwood.png FlintInGameInGame.jpg Flint Beastwood Sniper.gif Kardel Sharpeye
the Dwarven Sniper
Magebane.jpg MagebaneInGameInGame.JPG Magebane Antimage.gif Magina
the Anti-Mage
Skill 2 (Blink) - Increases magic armor of self and nearby allies when you blink
Skill 3 (Spell Shield) - Now an aura that increases enemy cast speeds and deals damage based on the mana cost
MoonQueen.jpg MoonQueenInGameInGame.JPG Moon Queen Luna.gif Luna
the Moon Rider
Skill 2 (Moon Glaive) - Can be set to hit all units or only heroes

Skill 2 (Moon Glaive) - Orb effects work on bounces
Skill 3 (Lunar Blessing) - Can be toggled to give a % increased damage to all nearby allied heroes or to all units.

Nighthound.jpg NighthoundInGameInGame.JPG Night Hound Rikki.gif Rikimaru
the Stealth Assassin
Skill 1 (Smoke Screen) - Cloud causes towers and creeps to ignore you. Cannot attack towers while in cloud.
SandWraith.jpg SandWraithInGameInGame.JPG Sand Wraith Spectre.gif Mercurial
the Spectre
Skill 1 (Spectral Dagger) - Pathing is much better

Skill 3 (Dispersion) - Damage is dealt to all heroes in range, instead of divided equally
Skill 3 (Dispersion) - Now deals magic damage instead of true damage

Slither.jpg SlitherInGameInGame.JPG Slither Venomancer.gif Lesale Deathbringer
the Venomancer
Skill 2 (Poison Sting) - Reduces health regen
Skill 3 (Plague Ward) - Now builds up charges allowing multiple casts
Soulstealer.jpg SoulStealerInGameInGame.JPG Soulstealer Nevermore.gif Nevermore
the Shadow Fiend
Skill 4 (Requiem of Souls) - Cast point is 1.4s, down from 1.5s in DotA.
Swiftblade.jpg SwiftbladeInGameInGame.JPG Swiftblade Juggernaut.gif Yurnero
the Juggernaut
Skill 1 (Blade Fury) - Can attack while spinning at level four, but has -50 IAS
Skill 2 (Healing Ward) - Is now a passive that launches a regular attack (no attack modifiers) from Swiftblade on the attacker
Valkyrie.jpg ValkyrieInGameInGame.JPG Valkyrie PriestessOfTheMoon.gif Mirana Nightshade
Priestess of the Moon
Wildsoul.jpg WildsoulInGameInGame.JPG Wildsoul LoneDruid.gif Syllabear
the Lone Druid
Skill 2 (Rabid) - Buff is applied to all units under your control
Blacksmith.jpg BlacksmithInGameInGame.JPG Blacksmith OgreMagi.gif Aggron Stonebreaker
the Ogre Magi
Skill 2 (Ignite) - Reduces Magic Armor - Magic Armor reduction diminishes over time
Bubbles.jpg BubblesInGameInGame.JPG Bubbles Puck.gif Puck
the Faerie Dragon
Skill 1 (Illusory Orb) - It travels at 850 units/second in HoN, up from 600 units/second in DotA.
Defiler.jpg DefilerInGameInGame.JPG Defiler DeathProphet.gif Krobelus
the Death Prophet
Skill 4 (Exorcism) - The ghosts have 400 movespeed, down from 500 movespeed in DotA.
DementedShaman.jpg DementedShamanInGameInGame.JPG Demented Shaman ShadowPriest.gif Dazzle
the Shadow Priest
Skill 2 (Shallow Grave) - Now reduces non-DoT damage from heroes and towers 5 times or until a set amount is absorbed.
Doctor Repulsor.jpg DoctorRepulsorInGameInGame.JPG Doctor Repulsor Thunderkeg.JPG Raijin Thunderkeg
the Storm Spirit
Skill 4 (Ludicrous Speed) - Unable to ult out of roots and snares (as of 1.0.13).
Glacius.jpg GlaciusInGameInGame.JPG Glacius CrystalMaiden.gif Rylai
the Crystal Maiden
Skill 2 (Frostbite) - Now castable on allied units to reduce damage taken.
Ophelia.jpg OpheliaInGameInGame.JPG Ophelia Chen.gif Chen
the Holy Knight
PlagueRider.jpg PlagueRiderInGameInGame.JPG Plague Rider Lich.gif Kel'Thuzad
the Lich
Skill 3 (Dark Ritual) - Now denies 50% experience, down from 100% in DotA.
Pollywog.jpg PollywogPriestInGameInGame.JPG Pollywog Priest Rhasta.gif Rhasta
the Shadow Shaman
Skill 4 (Mass Serpent Wards) - Aghanim's Scepter upgrade gives +3 wards in HoN; it increases the damage per ward in DotA.
Pyromancer.jpg PyromancerInGameInGame.JPG Pyromancer Slayer.gif Lina Inverse
the Slayer
Skill 3 (Fiery Soul) - Applies a DoT on all attacks and spells. Also passively reduces cast time.
SoulReaper.jpg SoulReaperInGameInGame.JPG Soul Reaper Necrolyte.gif Rotund'jere
the Necrolyte
Skill 2 (Heartstopper Aura) - The range scales from 700 to 1000 (is fixed at 1000 in DotA at all levels).
Succubus.jpg SuccubusInGameInGame.JPG Succubus BaneElemental.gif Atropos
the Bane Elemental
Tempest.jpg TempestInGameInGame.JPG Tempest Enigma.gif Darchrow
the Enigma
Thunderbringer.jpg ThunderbringerInGameInGame.JPG Thunderbringer Zeus.gif Zeus
the Lord of Olympia
Torturer.jpg TorturerInGameInGame.JPG Torturer TormentedSoul.gif Leshrac the Malicious
Tormented Soul
Skill 1 (Split Earth) - AoE is constant at all levels, rather than scaling with level like in DotA. Stun duration is constant at all levels in DotA.
Vindicator.jpg VindicatorInGameInGame.JPG Vindicator Silencer.gif Nortrom
the Silencer
VoodooJester.jpg VoodooJesterInGameInGame.JPG Voodoo Jester WitchDoctor.gif Vol'Jin
the Witch Doctor
Skill 2 (Voodoo Restoration) - Now heals in an area around the target. Can also be cast on enemies to deal damage
WitchSlayer.jpg WitchSlayerInGameInGame.JPG Witch Slayer Lion.gif Lion
the Demon Witch
WretchedHag.jpg WretchedHagInGameInGame.JPG Wretched Hag QueenOfPain.gif Akasha
the Queen of Pain
Skill 4 (Sonic Wave) - Also applies first skill to all targets hit
Accursed.jpg AccursedInGameInGame.JPG Accursed LordOfAvernus.gif Abaddon
the Lord of Avernus
Skill 4 (Borrowed Time) - No longer activated automatically
Armadon.jpg ArmadonInGameInGame.JPG Armadon Bristleback.gif Rigwarl
the Bristleback
Behemoth.jpg BehemothInGameInGame.JPG Behemoth Earthshaker.gif Raigor Stonehoof
the Earthshaker
Skill 4 (Echo Slam) - Echo waves still spawn from corpses (they do not in DotA). The damage per wave from a regular unit is lower in HoN.
Devourer.jpg DevourerInGameInGame.JPG Devourer Pudge.gif Pudge
the Butcher
Skill 1 (Meat Hook) - Range is constant at all levels, rather than dealing true damage like in DotA.
Skill 4 (Dismember) - Gives boosts to HP, damage and Rot radius after channeling the skill.
Gladiator.jpg GladiatorInGameInGame.JPG The Gladiator Kunkka.gif Kunkka
the Admiral
Skill 4 (Ghost Ship) - Speed increased to 750.
Hammerstorm.jpg HammerstormInGameInGame.JPG Hammerstorm Sven.gif Sven
the Rogue Knight
Skill 3 (Warcry) - Instant cast time in HoN.
Jeraziah.jpg JeraziahInGameInGame.JPG Jeraziah Omniknight.gif Purist Thunderwrath
the Omniknight
KeeperOfTheForest.jpg Keeperofthe ForestInGameInGame.JPG Keeper of the Forest Treant.gif Rooftrellen
the Treant Protector
Skill 2 (Forest Sentinel) - Only gives vision from the tree, no activatable portion
Legionnaire.jpg LegionnaireInGameInGame.JPG Legionnaire Axe.gif Mogul Khan
the Axe
Skill 2 (Battle Hunger) - Now charges at the target with increased movespeed. Reaching the target will increase their attack speed and decrease their damage respectively.
Magmus.jpg MagmusInGameInGame.JPG Magmus SandKing.gif Crixalis
the Sand King
Pebbles.jpg PebblesInGameInGame.JPG Pebbles Tiny.gif Tiny
the Stone Giant
Skill 3 (Craggy Exterior) - Now reduces debuff durations and increases armor instead of passively stunning enemy attackers.
Pestilence.jpg PestilenceInGameInGame.JPG Pestilence Slardar.gif Slardar
the Slithereen Guard
Pharaoh.jpg PharaohInGameInGame.JPG Pharaoh ClockwerkGoblin.gif Rattletrap
the Clockwerk Goblin
Tundra.jpg TundraInGameInGame.JPG Tundra BeastMaster.gif Rexxar
the Beastmaster
Skill 4 (Primal Roar) - Does not interrupt channeling like in DotA. Does not have full side-push length like in DotA.
WarBeast.jpg WarBeastInGameInGame.JPG War Beast Lycanthrope.gif Banehallow
the Lycanthrope

New heroes

Name Information
Arachna.jpg ArachnaInGameInGame.JPG Arachna Similarities to DotA "Drow Ranger" and "Netherdrake"
Balphagore.jpg BalphagoreInGameInGame.JPG Balphagore
TheChipper.jpg ChipperInGameInGame.JPG The Chipper
DarkLady.jpg DarkLadyInGameInGame.JPG The Dark Lady Similarities to DotA "Phantom Assassin"
Deadwood.jpg DeadwoodInGameInGame.JPG Deadwood
Engineer.jpg EngineerInGameInGame.JPG Engineer
Electrician.jpg ElectricianInGameInGame.JPG Electrician
Fayde.jpg FaydeInGameInGame.JPG Fayde Similarities to DotA "Nerubian Assassin"
ForsakenArcher.jpg ForsakenArcherInGameInGame.JPG Forsaken Archer
Gauntlet.jpg GauntletInGameInGame.JPG Gauntlet
Hellbringer.jpg HellbringerInGameInGame.JPG Hellbringer Similarities to DotA "Warlock"
Kraken.jpg KrakenInGameInGame.JPG Kraken
Madman.jpg MadmanInGameInGame.JPG The Madman Similarities to DotA "Nerubian Weaver"
Maliken.jpg MalikenInGameInGame.JPG Maliken
Nymphora.jpg NymphoraInGameInGame.JPG Nymphora Similarities to DotA "Keeper of the Light"
Pandamonium.jpg PandamoniumInGameInGame.JPG Pandamonium
PuppetMaster.jpg PuppetMasterInGameInGame.JPG Puppet Master
Predator.jpg PredatorInGameInGame.JPG Predator Similarties to DotA "Lifestealer"
Rampage.jpg RampageInGameInGame.JPG Rampage Similarities to DotA "Spiritbreaker" and "Batrider"
Scout.jpg ScoutInGameInGame.JPG Scout Similarities to DotA "Bounty Hunter" and "Dwarven Sniper"
Zephyr.jpg ZephyrInGameInGame.JPG Zephyr




HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Mana-Potion.png Mana Potion ClarityPotion.gif Clarity Potion 50 Gold.gif
Health-Potion.png Health Potion HealingSalve.gif Healing Salve 100 Gold.gif
Runes-Of-The-Blight.png Runes of the Blight Tango.jpg Ancient Tango of Essifation 90 Gold.gif
Bottle.png Bottle Bottle.gif Empty Bottle 600 Gold.gif
Wards-of-Sight.png Ward of Sight ObserverWard.gif Observer Wards 200 Gold.gif
Wards-of-Revelation.png Ward of Revelation SentryWard.gif Sentry Wards 200 Gold.gif
Dust-Of-Revelation.png Dust of Revelation DustOfAppearance.gif Dust of Appearance 180 Gold.gif
Homecoming-Stone.png Homecoming Stone ScrollOfTownPortal.gif Scroll of Town Portal 135 Gold.gif
Monkey-Courier.png Monkey Courier Courier.jpg Animal Courier 200 Gold.gif
Recipe-Winged-Courier.png Winged Courier FlyingCourier.gif Flying Courier 400 Gold.gif
Mana-Battery.png Mana Battery MagicStick.jpg Magic Stick Heals 10 Health per charge 200 Gold.gif



HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Crushing-Claws.png Crushing Claws GauntletsOfOgreStrength.gif Gauntlets of Strength 150 Gold.gif
Duck-Boots.png Duck Boots SlipperOfAgility.jpg Slippers of Agility 150 Gold.gif
Mark-Of-The-Novice.png Mark of the Novice MantleOfIntelligence.gif Mantle of Intelligence 150 Gold.gif
Minor-Totem.png Minor Totem IronwoodBranch.jpg Ironwood Branch 53 Gold.gif
Major-Totem.png Major Totem N/A Unique to HoN 540 Gold.gif
Bolstering-Armband.png Bolstering Armband BeltOfGiantStrength.gif Belt of Giant Strength 450 Gold.gif
Fleet-Feet.png Fleetfeet BootsOfElvenskin.gif Boots of Elvenskin 450 Gold.gif
Apprentices-Robe.png Apprentice's Robe RobeOfTheMagi.gif Robe of the Magi 450 Gold.gif
Pretenders-Crown.png Pretenders Crown CircletOfNobility.gif Circlet of Nobility 185 Gold.gif
Blessed-Orb.png Blessed Orb UltimateOrb.gif Ultimate Orb 2,100 Gold.gif
Mighty-Blade.png Mighty Blade OgreAxe.jpg Ogre Axe 1,000 Gold.gif
Quickblade.png Quickblade BladeOfAlacrity.gif Blade of Alacrity 1,000 Gold.gif
Neophytes-Book.png Neophyte's Book StaffOfWizardry.gif Staff of Wizardry 1,000 Gold.gif



HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Punchdagger.png Punchdagger ClawsOfAttack.gif Blades of Attack 500 Gold.gif
Broadsword.png Broadsword Broadsword.gif Broadsword 1,200 Gold.gif
Warhammer.png Warhammer MithrilHammer.gif Mithril Hammer 1,600 Gold.gif
Iron-Buckler.png Iron Buckler StoutShield.jpg Stout Shield 250 Gold.gif
Guardian-Ring.png Guardian Ring RingOfProtection.jpg Ring of Protection 175 Gold.gif
Ringmail.png Ringmail Chainmail.gif Chainmail 550 Gold.gif
Helm-Of-The-Victim.png Helm of the Victim HelmOfIronWill.gif Helm of Iron Will 950 Gold.gif
Platemail.png Platemail PlateMail.gif Platemail 1,400 Gold.gif
Steamstaff.png Steamstaff Quarterstaff.gif Quarterstaff   Down from 900 gold in DOTA 800 Gold.gif
Loggers-Hatchet.png Logger's Hatchet QuellingBlade.jpg Quelling Blade

Can be held by Gladiator (Admiral) but doesn't increase the damage of Flagellation (Tide Bringer).

225 Gold.gif



HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Gloves-of-the-Swift.png Gloves of the Swift GlovesOfHaste.gif Gloves of Haste 500 Gold.gif
Hungry-Spirit.png Hungry Spirit MaskOfDeath.jpg Mask of Death 900 Gold.gif
Trinket-Of-Restoration.png Trinket of Restoration RingOfRegeneration.gif Ring of Regeneration 350 Gold.gif
Portal-Key.png Portal Key KelensDagger.gif Kelen's Dagger of Escape

Can be held by:
Andromeda (Vengeful Spirit)
Devourer (Butcher)

Targeting beyond maximum range
travels the maximum distance

2,150 Gold.gif
Scarab.png Scarab SobiMask.jpg Sobi Mask 325 Gold.gif
Marchers.png Marchers BootsOfSpeed.gif Boots of Speed 500 Gold.gif
Bound-Eye.png Bound Eye Gem.gif Gem of True Sight 700 Gold.gif
Mystic-Vestments.png Mystic Vestments PlaneswalkerCloak.gif Planeswalker's Cloak 400 Gold.gif
Snake-Bracelet.png Snake Bracelet TalismanOfEvasion.jpg Talisman of Evasion 1,800 Gold.gif
Void-Talisman.png Void Talisman GhostScepter.jpg Ghost Scepter 1,500 Gold.gif

Secret Shop


HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Axe-Of-The-Malphai.png Axe of the Malphai Reaver.jpg Messerschmidt's Reaver 3,200 Gold.gif
Dancing Blade.png Dancing Blade Eaglehorn.gif Eaglehorn 3,000 Gold.gif
Acolytes-Staff.png Acolyte's Staff MysticStaff.png Mystic Staff 2,700 Gold.gif
Slayer.png Slayer DemonEdge.gif Demon Edge 2,200 Gold.gif
Warpcleft.png Warpcleft Hyperstone.gif Hyperstone 2,100 Gold.gif
Lifetube.png Lifetube RingOfHealth.gif Ring of Health 875 Gold.gif
Manatube.png Manatube VoidStone.gif Void Stone 875 Gold.gif
Sword-Of-The-High.png Sword of the High SacredRelic.gif Sacred Relic Sacred Relic is 3800g 3,400 Gold.gif
Beastheart.png Beastheart VitalityBooster.gif Vitality Booster 1,100 Gold.gif
Glowstone.png Glowstone PointBooster.gif Point Booster 1,200 Gold.gif
Pickled-Brain.png Pickled Brain EnergyBooster.gif Energy Booster 1,000 Gold.gif



HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Recipe-Power-Supply.png Power Supply MagicWand.gif Magic Wand Recipe changed to Mana Battery, 2 Minor Totems, and 240 Gold recipe 546 Gold.gif
Recipe-Fortified-Bracelet.png Fortified Bracelet Bracer.gif Bracer 510 Gold.gif
Recipe-Soulscream-Ring.png Soulscream Ring WraithBand.jpg Wraith Band 460 Gold.gif
Recipe-Talisman-Of-Exile.png Talisman of Exile NullTalisman.gif Null Talisman 485 Gold.gif
Blood-Chalice.png Blood Chalice SoulRing.jpg Soul Ring Recipe changed to Crushing Claws, Mark of the Novice, and Trinket of Restoration. No Recipe. Cooldown is 35 seconds, mana gained is not lost.
Recipe-Great-Arcana.png Great Arcana OblivionStaff.gif Oblivion Staff 1575 Gold.gif
Recipe-Sustainer.png Sustainer Perseverance.gif Perserverance 1750 Gold.gif
Recipe-Alchemist-Bones.png Alchemist's Bones HandOfMidas.gif Hand of Midas Has two charges instead of a flat cooldown 1900 Gold.gif
Recipe-Firebrand.png Firebrand Yasha.gif Yasha Recipe changed to Fleetfeet, Quickblade, and 750 gold Recipe. 2200 Gold.gif
Recipe-Striders.png Striders N/A Unique to HoN 800 Gold.gif
Recipe-Plated-Greaves.png Plated Greaves N/A Unique to HoN 1303 Gold.gif
Recipe-Enhanced-Marchers.png Ghost Marchers PhaseBoots.gif Phase Boots On Use effect does not cancel upon item or skill use 1500 Gold.gif
Recipe-Steamboots-Strength.png Steamboots Treads.gif Power Treads 1450 Gold.gif
Recipe-Post-Haste.png Post Haste BootsOfTravel.gif Boots of Travel Provides +105 Movement Speed 2700 Gold.gif



HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Recipe-Ring-Of-The-Teacher.png Ring of the Teacher RingOfBasilius.gif Ring of Basilius 500 Gold.gif
Recipe-Refreshing-Ornament.png Refreshing Ornament Headdress.gif Headdress of Rejuvenation 603 Gold.gif
Recipe-Shield-Of-The-Five.png Shield of the Five NathrezimBuckler.jpg Nathrezim Buckler 803 Gold.gif
Recipe-Ring-Of-Sorcery.png Ring of Sorcery ArcaneRing.gif Arcane Ring 1485 Gold.gif
Recipe-Tablet-of-Command.png Tablet of Command ForceStaff.jpg Force Staff Recipe changed to Major Totem, Neophyte's Book, and 500 gold Recipe. 2040 Gold.gif
Recipe-Abyssal-Skull.png Abyssal Skull VladmirsOffering.jpg Vladimir's Offering 2050 Gold.gif
Recipe-Nomes-Wisdom.png Nome's Wisdom N/A Unique to HoN 2240 Gold.gif
Recipe-Astrolabe.png Astrolabe Mekansm.jpg Mekansm 1703 Gold.gif
Recipe-Puzzlebox.png Puzzlebox Necronomicon.gif Necronomicon Recipe cost changed to 1000

Limited stock; 2 stacks initially, gaining 1 per 10 minutes, up to 9

2350 Gold.gif
Recipe-Stormspirit.png Stormspirit Euls.gif Eul's Scepter of Divinity 3200 Gold.gif
Recipe-Barrier-Idol.png Barrier Idol KhadgarsPipe.jpg Khadgar's Pipe of Insight 3653 Gold.gif
Recipe-Restoration-Stone.png Restoration Stone Refresher.gif Refresher Orb Refreshes item cooldown as well (except another Restoration Stone and Shrunken Head) 5200 Gold.gif
Recipe-Kuldras-Sheepstick.png Kuldra's Sheepstick Guinsoos.gif Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse 5675 Gold.gif
64px Energizer N/A Unique to HoN 1600



HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Recipe-Iron-Shield.png Iron Shield PoorMansShield.gif Poor Man's Shield 550
64px Sol's Bulwark N/A Unique to HoN 2000
Recipe-Shamans-Headress.png Shaman's Headdress HoodOfDefiance.gif Hood of Defiance 2050
Recipe-Barbed-Armor.png Barbed Armor Blademail.gif Blade Mail Reflects 80% of damage for 5 seconds 2200
Recipe-Helm-Of-The-Black-Legion.png Helm of the Black Legion Vanguard.gif Vanguard Blocks 30 damage(20 for ranged) on next attack so long as you have charges. Regains charges at a rate of 1 every 0.5 seconds. 5 charges are removed if hit by a hero, tower, or Kongor else only 1 charge is removed. 2225
Recipe-Icon-Of-The-Goddess.png Icon of the Goddess SoulBooster.gif Soul Booster 3300
Recipe-Shroud-Of-The-Assasin.png Assassin's Shroud Lothars.gif Lothar's Edge 3300
Recipe-Shrunken-Head.png Shrunken Head BlackKingBar.gif Black King Bar 3900
Recipe-Frostfield-Plate.png Frostfield Plate Shivas.gif Shiva's Guard 4700
Recipe-Sacrificial-Stone.png Sacrificial Stone Bloodstone.gif Bloodstone Grants bonus Max Health and Health Regeneration per charge 5050
Recipe-Null-Stone.png Null Stone LinkensSphere.gif Linken's Sphere Recipe cost reduced to 1000

Grants +10 Damage

Recipe-Behemoths-Hearth.png Behemoth's Heart Heart.gif Heart of Tarrasque Grants +0.75% Health per second 5500
Recipe-Daemonic-Breastplate.png Daemonic Breast Plate AssaultCuirass.gif Assault Cuirass Recipe changed to Warpcleft, Sol's Bulwark, Ringmail and 900 Gold Recipe. 5550
64px Genjuro N/A Unique to HoN 6300



HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
64px Spellshards N/A 2575
Recipe-Riftshards.png Riftshards Crystalys.gif Crystalys Recipe cost changed to 950.

Can be upgraded 3 times.

Recipe-Codex.png Codex Dagon.gif Dagon Recipe changed to Neophyte's Book, two Punchdaggers and 1000 Gold Recipe 3000
Recipe-Insanitarius.png Insanitarius ArmletOfMordiggian.gif Armlet of Mordiggian Recipe changed to Helm of the Victim, Gloves of the Swift, Steamstaff, and 500 gold Recipe. 2850
Recipe-Thunderclaw.png Thunderclaw Maelstrom.gif Maelstrom 2900
Recipe-Brutalizer.png Brutalizer CraniumBasher.gif Cranium Basher Has a cooldown time of 2 seconds 3100
Recipe-Staff-Of-The-Master.png Staff of the Master Aghanim.gif Aghanim's Scepter 4300
Recipe-Runed-Axe.png Runed Axe Battlefury.gif Battlefury Can be used to chop down trees. 4150
Recipe-Geometers-Bane.png Geometer's Bane Manta.gif Manta Style 5100
Recipe-Nullfire-Blade.png Nullfire Blade DiffusalBlade.gif Diffusal Blade 3300
Recipe-Hellflower.png Hellflower Orchid.jpg Orchid Malevolence Hellflower causes the target to leave a trail behind him for the duration. 4775
Recipe-Mock-of-Brilliance.png Mock of Brilliance Radiance.gif Radiance 4850
Recipe-Savage-Mace.png Savage Mace MonkeyKingBar.gif Monkey King Bar 5400
Recipe-Charged-Hammer.png Charged Hammer Mjollnir.gif Mjollnir 5400
Recipe-Wingbow.png Wingbow Butterfly.gif The Butterfly 5600
Recipe-Doombringer.png Doom Bringer DivineRapier.gif Divine Rapier 250 damage 5600

Morph Attack


HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Recipe-Whispering-Helm.png Whispering Helm HelmOfTheDominator.gif Helm of the Dominator The dominated creeps have a permanent life time. 1850
Recipe-Elder-Parasite.png Elder Parasite MaskOfMadness.jpg Mask of Madness Take 20% extra damage 1900
Recipe-Icebrand.png Icebrand Sange.gif Sange Recipe changed to Bolstering Armband, Mighty Blade, and 750 gold Recipe.

15% Movement Slow always procs (Attack Modifier)

Recipe-Shieldbreaker.png Shieldbreaker StygianDesolator.gif Stygian Desolator Upgradable 2 times. Grants +70 damage on last level. 4600
Recipe-Frostburn.png Frostburn SangeAndYasha.gif Sange and Yasha 20% Movement Slow always procs (Attack Modifier) 4400
Recipe-Frostwolfs-Skull.png Frostwolf's Skull Skadi.JPG Eye of Skadi Recipe changed to Icebrand, Blessed Orb, Glowstone, and 700 gold Recipe.

Slow works with single-target skills

Recipe-Harkons-Blade.png Harkon's Blade N/A Unique to HoN 4775
Recipe-Symbol-Of-Rage.png Symbol of Rage Satanic.gif Satanic 6150


HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Token-Of-Life.png Token of Life Aegis.gif Aegis of the Immortal N/A
Bananas.png Bananas Cheese.gif Cheese N/A
Token-Of-Sight.png Token of Sight N/A Unique to HoN N/A
Token-Of-Stealth.png Token of Stealth N/A Unique to HoN N/A


One of the greatest changes is the way shops are handled. Every base now contains only one building where all items and recipes can be purchased. The shop can be viewed by clicking the shop while standing in the fountain of the allied base, or by pressing the B key (by default).

  • Basic items can be found in the left column, recipes in the right column.
    • The lower left two shops are special shops located in the jungle.
  • It is possible to buy parts of the recipe by clicking the recipe you want. A pop-up window will show the required parts, which can be purchased immediately (instead of going to the right basic item shop first).
  • It is possible to sell items instantly from anywhere on the map by dragging the item onto the shop building, the hero no longer needs to walk the distance to the shop.

Other differences between DotA and HoN

  • The Sentinel and Scourge factions are equivalent to the Legion and Hellbourne factions, respectively. There is no Neutral faction in HoN.
  • Games created by players are remotely hosted on S2Games' servers. This means that everyone will experience the same latency, assuming everyone has the same connection and are equally far from the server. The game is not dependant on the prescence of the host.
  • The abilities of every hero are controlled by pressing the Q, W, E and R keys (by default). Additional skills (i.e. Wildsoul's War Cry) are extended to D, F and G if necessary.
  • Players who leave the game during play can reconnect within five minutes. While the player remains disconnected, the hero will be shared by all remaining players, as in DotA. If the five minutes limit passes, the hero will be terminated. Terminated hero's gold will be split amonst remaining teammates and Items will drop in faction's pool. Unlike DotA, HoN has an option to have your hero automatically return to the fountain if you disconnect.
  • Game statistics are automatically collected after playing a game and can be viewed from the Match Stats panel.
  • Health bars can be switched on by pressing the apostrophe ' key or permanently by selecting the option from the Interface Menu.


  • Magic Armor is calculated the same way as armor, rather than a flat reduction.

Orb Effects

Orb Effects are known in Heroes of Newerth as modifiers. There are two different types of modifiers:

  • Attack Modifiers are buffs that do not stack with other attack modifiers of a different type. Some examples include Frostwolf's Skull (Eye of Skadi), Shieldbreaker (Stygian Desolator), Accursed's Sear (Abaddon the Lord of Avernus' Frostmourne), and Lifesteal.
  • Exclusive Modifiers are buffs that do not stack with buffs of the same type, but do stack with buffs of different types. These modifiers include Slow, Mana Burn, Bash, and Chain Lightning.

Movespeed Modifiers (Haste and Slow)

According to a thread on the official forums here...

DotA movespeed and HoN movespeed modifiers are handled differently.

In DotA, all modifiers are added together and then applied to a hero's movespeed. In HoN, modifiers are applied seperately and stack upon eachother.

For Example, lets say you have a buff that gives you 20% move speed, and then get hit by a debuff that slows by 50%.

  • In DotA: The system adds together the two modifiers and applies them to base move speed. That means that you would have 70% movespeed.
    • 100% movespeed * (1.2 - .5) = 70% movespeed.
  • In HoN: The system applies the modifiers seperately. That means that you would have 60% movespeed.
    • 100% movespeed * 1.2 * .5 = 60% movespeed.

Note that movespeed reduction and movement slow are not the same thing. Attack Slow also work a similar way.

Another important note: The haste rune provides max (522) movespeed, and units affected by it cannot be slowed.


This article was derived from "DotA vs HoN" (revision history) at the Heroes of Newerth Unofficial Wiki.


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