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Heroes of Newerth Technical/Customer Support

Welcome to the Heroes of Newerth Technical/Customer Support Wiki.

Heroes of Newerth Support is split into two groups: Customer Support and Technical Support. Customer Support is for help with account issues and billing issues. Account bans should be appealed through the Ban Appeal System, forum bans should be appealed by mailing

The best way to contact Customer Support is to email

Customer Support is managed by [S2]Feanux

Technical Support is for all problems of a technical nature. If your problem isn't with your computer or network, you should contact customer support. This includes reports of server issues, as technical support is better equipped to resolve those.

Please read the Technical Support section of this Wiki before posting on the Technical Support Forums. Be sure to include all the information you can. Being detailed in your posts will significantly increase the speed at which we are able to help you; don't be lazy. If you have trouble understanding the directions and post on the Technical Support Forums, please be specific as to what errors you are getting.

Technical Support is managed by [S2]IAmRoot.

If you want to help with the wiki, feel free to edit and add content. However, vandalism will be severely punished.

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